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Is Yoga Right for Me?

The Benefits of Yoga
6 בDecember 2018
Yoga in Life
8 בDecember 2018

Is Yoga Right for Me?

Yoga is suitable for everyone at any age, in any physical and mental state.

Since yoga is an ancient philosophy of life and a system of exercises that include behavioral codes, philosophy, meditation, physical practice and breathing exercises that encourage the union of mind, body, and spirit yoga is suitable for everyone, at any age, in every stage of life. (See article ”What is Yoga?”)

Myth: Yoga is Suitable Only for “Flexible” People

There is a common myth that yoga is suitable only for flexible people and that, in order to practice yoga, one must be flexible. This myth is incorrect!

You don’t have to be flexible in order to practice yoga.

Regular yoga practice improves physical flexibility but, more importantly, yoga improves our flexibility in life and enables us to adapt to new situations, new ideas and new people, thereby opening ourselves up to new opportunities and possibilities that the universe has to offer.

Myth: Yoga is Suitable Only for “Spiritual” People

There is a common myth that yoga is suitable only for “spiritual’ people and that yoga consists of sitting in deep meditation for long periods of time. Meditation is indeed one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga (see article “Yoga Philosophy”) but yoga is much more than seated meditation and provides us with important tools to improve our daily lives, both physically and spiritually.

On a physical level, yoga strengthens and tones our body, improves flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, metabolism and relieves many aches, pains and stress. On a spiritual level, yoga connects us to our inner strength, our inner peace and enables us to be calmer, more focused and more balanced, enabling us to overcome obstacles and function better in our daily lives.

Myth: Yoga is Suitable Only for Young People who are Physically Fit

There is a common myth that yoga is suitable only for young people or that you must be physically fit to practice yoga. This is a myth!

Yoga can be practiced at any age and any physical state, however, it is very important to practice with an experienced teacher who can modify the practice to the level, physical and mental state of the student. It is most important to update the teacher about any aches, pains, diseases, pregnancy or any other limitations so that the teacher may modify the practice accordingly and you may enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga.

Yoga Practice during Pregnancy

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is highly recommended in order to strengthen the body, ease pains, calm the mind and prepare the body and spirit for the birth and the new baby.
Since this is a very special time, special modifications are necessary. It is crucial to practice with an experienced certified teacher who can provide the necessary modifications for yoga during pregnancy.

Yoga means “union” and by practicing yoga we learn to quiet the mind and achieve a state of balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit, thereby reducing our suffering and improving our lives.

“Yoga isn’t about touching our toes, it’s about what you learn on your way down.” ~ Judith Hanson Lasater

“It is the yogic way to go through a problem, not away from it. Aim for the center, take a breath, and dive in. Nothing is what it seems once you’re inside. The deeper you dive, the closer you get to the truth that everything is consciousness, and that everything and everyone is precious and lovable. You develop a kind of heightened vision that allows you to see through the surface appearance of the world. Just underneath the surface, love is everywhere. “~ Steve Ross

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